Deliberately Different

In 2009, after years of retail success, a dealer who believed better results and customer service were not only achievable, but precisely what dealers needed, fusionZONE Automotive was born.  Fast forward to 2020 and after a decade of helping dealers increase their website traffic, leads and sales, you’ll find us more committed than ever.  We are relentless in the never-ending pursuit in design and delivery of the highest converting websites available to car dealers across the nation.  We’ve never lost sight of making sure our websites deliver what dealers want…conversion.  With a foundation of retail knowledge and experience, our future is solely focused on the creation and delivery of services that accelerate dealer performance.

We Know Nissan.

As a trusted website provider for Nissan dealerships, our team is well-versed in the demands of today’s current market, with an in-depth understanding of how content, graphics, and ease-of-navigation play an integral role in the success of a website. We utilize SEO-rich content and Nissan-tailored keywords, to engage customers and convert them into sales opportunities. Designed for conversion and leads, we offer fast, cutting-edge, responsive websites that Nissan dealers love.

Experience the fusionZONE Difference

fusionZONE Automotive is a full-service, progressive digital marketing provider, with a passion to streamline the digital process for our dealer partners.  We have the highest-converting websites in the market and have taken the user experience to the next level with our responsive video platform.  We’ve accomplished this by utilizing our proprietary, award-winning conversion tools and best practices learned by working with over 1,000 dealer partners over the past 10 years.

In addition, Nissan dealers can be confident knowing that they will receive top performance in all areas of Google Ads, including SEM, Display and Video. We offer industry leading technical SEO to help dealers generate high volumes of organic traffic and improve keyword ranking in search results.  Every website we build can be customized with performance improving products and services, such as CONNECT (24/7 live chat), Social Media Management and ADAPT (ADA Compliance Toolkit).

Let us help you maximize your dealership’s digital performance and lead potential so you can do what you do best…sell more cars.

Responsive High-Performance Websites

Increasing Your Traffic, Leads and Sales with Data-Driven Site Design

At fusionZONE, we don’t just fold into the crowd, we lead the pack. Using powerful analytics platforms to test and confirm customer site interaction and lead generation, we regularly push the envelope on what is considered industry best practice. We use the latest in responsive design technology to ensure our websites are compatible with all devices. Our sites are built for better organic traffic, usability and lead conversion. We have the highest-converting websites in the market and accomplish this by utilizing our industry-leading conversion tools and best practices learned through 10 years of working with over 1,000 dealer partners.

We are analytics driven, constantly comparing industry benchmarks to our sites. Speed is a high priority at fusionZONE, as our websites are completely optimized for mobile functionality, a critical variable when over 50% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. Every month, we review our dealer’s website analytics to ensure that pages are performing to their highest ability, site speeds are kept in check and customers are thoroughly engaging with the website. We use A/B testing methodology to identify effective new marketing strategies and our platform allows for seamless integration with third-party marketing applications, as well. Anything that can enhance the experience, capture a lead and improve a dealer’s marketing efforts is a top priority at fusionZONE.

FastSuite Conversion Tools

First Impressions Last. Fast Impressions Sell.

When it comes to conversion, fusionZONE offers 3 of the hottest lead generation tools in the industry. FastPrice and FastRing enable dealers to instantly generate competitive pricing on a prospective customer’s screen and contact them in under 60 seconds, converting more leads into sales. FastCoupons is a versatile tool that helps generate leads for both Sales and Service Departments. It not only solves the problem with “click to print” coupons that aren’t optimized for mobile devices, but gives dealers an advantage by allowing them to create an identity for their Service Department.

FastRingOur instant call-connect system is fast! fusionZONE’s proprietary lead generating tool connects dealerships with a potential consumer within 60 seconds of them submitting a lead, allowing a dealership to engage with a customer before they call the competition. A lead form submission instantly triggers a whisper dial directly to a salesperson’s phone, providing them with the lead information. Then, with the push of a button, FastRing will ring straight-through to the customer, usually while they are still browsing on the website!

FastRing integrates with third-party applications, creating instant connections from any lead source. It includes an extensive administration portal with 24/7 access to call data, including call recordings and real-time statistics to help you identify which advertising efforts are converting the most leads. FastRing helps dealerships maximize their lead handling process and ensures that their staff is instantly communicating with consumers.

FastPriceBy giving customers a ‘no haggle’ price in just 2 clicks, this feature offers consumers a sense of complete pricing transparency as they instantly receive a vehicle’s price while continuing to browse the dealer’s inventory. FastPrice is an automated pricing tool, that also doubles as a lead generator, by significantly increasing a dealer’s form lead submissions, achieving higher quality lead counts and higher conversions. Dealers using FastPrice see a lift in leads of 100-400%. This tool can be customized and programmed to give additional options beyond the information the consumer requested. You can even use FastPrice to display new car alternatives or a Certified/Pre-Owned option, in addition to the information and price requested.
FastCouponsA versatile tool that not only helps a dealership create an identity for their Service Department, but also generates leads for both their Service and Sales Departments. Customers are no longer tied to their printers to use coupons, as FastCoupons optimizes the dealership’s online coupons for mobile devices, allowing customers to store mobile coupons on their smartphone, making it easy and convenient for them to use.


(ADA Accessibility Compliance)

A Toolkit Solution for Continuous Website Protection.

Designed for true accessibility and minimal legal exposure, ADAPT is fusionZONE’s multi-level toolkit solution to ADA Compliance.  Because automotive websites change rapidly and often (third party content, OEM marketing collateral, images, etc.), and can be edited by both internal developers and dealership staff, accessibility functionality can be impacted quickly and remain unnoticed until it’s too late.  To solve this frustrating situation, ADAPT was created with both straight-forward, practical tools, as well as advanced technical tools, ensuring full-compliance at any given time.

ADAPT includes 4 primary elements that work together to provide both a strong defense and real capabilities for consumers with disabilities. By addressing the website itself, displaying legal statements that offer alternative communication methods, and technology that enables efficient, real-time accessibility features, ADAPT goes well-beyond the WCAG 2.1 A compliance requirements, ensuring continuous ADA accessibility for consumers and legal protection for our clients.  ADAPT’s features include:

  1. A Real-Time Accessibility & Auditing Tool. Our fully automated, accessibility technology performs two distinct functions; 1) a real-time, on-site rendering tool and 2) automated AI Analysis.  A highly visible Accessibility Icon anchored to every page on your website, allows consumers with disabilities to toggle a rendering tool on and off, tailoring the website to their personal needs.  The interface acts as an overlay on your website which is specific to the user’s session. The user is presented with over 50 features to choose from.  At the time the website is rendered for the user, ADAPT will make adjustments, in real time. This provides an additional layer of compliance that acts as a safety-net for any custom content that may have not been developed in strict accordance with the guidelines.  The automated AI analysis technology uses both AI and Machine Learning Technology to analyze your website.  Once ADAPT technology is installed, it begins working right away resolving accessibility compliance gaps in as little as 48 hours.  After the initial 48 hours, ADAPT technology will re-scan and re-analyze your website every 24 hours to ensure that any new content, widgets, or pages are also adapted and thereby compliant.
  2. A Screen Reader. This element resides on the website and can be toggled on or off by clicking on the Accessibility Icon.  While turned on, individual copy snippets can be read out-loud directly from the site without the need for a third-party screen reader to be installed.  This is both mobile and desktop-friendly, working across all devices.
  3. An Accessibility Policy Statement.  Adding our customized Accessibility Policy Statement to your website goes a long way.  It encourages consumers to reach-out to your dealership first if they have any issues, welcoming their feedback and letting them know their accessibility is a top priority for you, thus avoiding potential legal action.
  4. Monthly Audits.  Our staff consistently evaluates your website for compliance, ensuring any new creative, copy or design change incorporates the principles of accessibility as best as possible.

CONNECT (24/7 Live Chat)

Real People.  Real Leads.  Real Time.

CONNECT is a 24/7 dealership chat staffing solution that uses the power of live conversations by real people to help create opportunities for dealers to sell more cars.  Our Agents are proficient in English, so you know your customer’s questions will be answered correctly.  Visitors never have to look far to initiate contact and dealers won’t have to rely on a third-party to transcribe a phone call or hope that a customer doesn’t drop-off midway through a multi-day email exchange.  And since automotive customers often search for vehicles after regular business hours, your online showroom is always open with an Agent waiting to assist.

The look and feel of CONNECT can be fully customized to offer maximum branding for your dealership.  This includes greetings, which can be changed regularly, reflecting current promotions, products or a seasonal message.  Dealerships can receive text notifications or have leads delivered directly to their inbox.  CONNECT offers Google Analytics Integration that monitors your web traffic and chat engagements, sending detailed insights for each chat conversation, allowing dealers to continually optimize their marketing campaigns.  Messages sent through Facebook Messenger are received and fielded by our Agents for immediate service across platforms.  Live chat used to be optional, but things have changed.  Today, more than 41% of website visitors expect live chat on your website. For visitors using a mobile device, this number is as high as 50%.  Live chat is expected to continue to grow by as much as 87% in the next 12-18 months, as visitors prefer to chat with someone in real-time and online, rather than contact a business via email or phone.  Although it is impossible to profit from every visitor, with CONNECT you’ll have one of the best tools that you can use to employ tactics to maximize our leads and optimize our ROI.

Advanced SEO

Rank Higher. Increase Traffic. Sell More. It’s That Simple.

High-quality SEO is a cornerstone of your online presence.  fusionZONE offers you true online dominance over your competition.  Our goal is simple: rank in the most advantageous positions to generate new customers and increase your revenue.  Rankings and traffic do not matter if they don’t produce car sales.

Our strategy of combining proven technical and local SEO techniques were designed to increase a dealership’s search engine rankings, allowing it to out-rank national third-party sites such as CarGurus and Carvana.  The core of our content strategy focuses on 100% original, white-hat content.  Our Advanced SEO Service also includes the following: everything in our Basic SEO package, local SEO management, rank tracking, curated content creation or optimization, heatmapping, and a dedicated SEO Manager. Our experts in SEO will guide you during monthly Performance Reviews on what is working, what’s not, why it matters, and what fusionZONE is going to do about it. We pride ourselves on putting our Specialists in your position as a business owner or manager, so that your success is personal to us.

Digital Marketing

Invest In Your Brand and Make Sure You’re Easy To Find. 

Most Nissan dealers know, paid search has proven to deliver the fastest return on investment.  SEM is highly competitive and requires expert set-up, management and maintenance for high performance results.  Don’t risk your paid search budget on automated providers who neglect the details.  fusionZONE offers SEM services focused on helping dealers generate more leads directly from major search engines.

Our quality leads-first philosophy delivers new, serious shoppers to our dealer partner’s CRM. Our campaigns are built and managed by humans, and not automated algorithms.  We tailor our strategy and ad copy directly to our dealer’s customers.  We make ads stand-out from the crowd by using ad extensions so a searcher can call, text, get directions, see promotions and more with just one touch or click.  We provide expanded coverage by offering dynamic ads powered by the dealer’s actual inventory and won’t waste your money by rigorously testing the best times to display ads.  Enticing landing pages are built with attractive deals that Nissan shoppers love.  Unlike our competitors, we offer true lead tracking, by only tracking completed lead forms and phone calls lasting longer than 9 seconds.

Social Media Management

Dominate The Biggest Markets On The Web.

With more than 214 million users in the United States, Facebook alone represents an enormous audience…reaching far more consumers than your local billboards or TV spot.  However, consumers aren’t just visitors; they’re engaging and connecting with businesses.

Reaching an audience on Social Media requires a lot of fresh content.  With fusionZONE’s Social Media Management service, we will create engaging content 3 times a week, and post on your choice of platform (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram), with a focus on your inventory and specials.  By focusing on a variation of vehicle specials and promotions, we generate leads by targeting the dealership’s audience, based on location, interests and shopping behavior.  A full-service graphics and video team creates custom inventory ads, specifically for a dealership’s target audience.  If you’re interested in coverage on all three platforms, consider Social Media Posting Plus.  And before any issues come-up that can affect your online ratings, our reputation management software will help dampen the blow, improve customer relations and satisfy compliance needs.  Capitalize on the untapped social media opportunities by using fusionZONE’s Social Media Management.

Customer Centric

Lightning Fast, Coast-to-Coast Support.

We offer unprecedented turn-around times to handle dealer requests. We offer a rigorous quality assurance/verification process based on our Six Sigma internal processes, which translates to less mistakes and more efficiency for our dealers. Our dedicated Performance Management Team guides our dealer partners to make data-based decisions to drive the highest conversions. Monthly digital marketing strategy meetings focus on Google Analytics and lead generation data, as well as a quality-check of a dealer’s website, with recommendations for improvements.

All of our tools and services are built with our dealer partners in mind. Our Customer Dashboard integrates a dealership’s Google Analytics Account to provide in depth reporting and analytics, while user-friendly tools further simplify the experience so that you can make calculated, informed decision about marketing strategies.