Demand is proving that consumers are becoming more comfortable with the idea of purchasing their next vehicle 100% online. Nissan is making that a reality by introducing BUY@HOME which allows a customer to build their dream vehicle on, locate that perfect match from existing dealer inventory, select the BUY NOW button and purchase that vehicle from the dealer. All from the comfort and convenience of their own home.

Nissan BUY@HOME allows customers to:

  1. Build their dream vehicle on
  2. Locate that perfect match from dealer inventory
  3. Select the BUY NOW button & purchase vehicle from the dealer

Complete marketing support on Tier 1 and Tier 3 properties as well as within the existing Nissan Account Management platform.

Powered by Nissan proprietary web services promoting more accurate pricing & incentive data in a more timely fashion to other products in the market.

Backend enterprise reporting solution features unprecedented transparency &insights into customer behavior with detailed reporting capabilities.

Flexibility to transact 100% online or save their work and seamlessly transition the purchase from online to in-store at any point in the process.

Dealer Benefits

Nissan BUY@HOME will help Nissan Dealers:

  • Sell more cars with an integrated, end-to-end solution
  • Transform & future-proof your dealership with new capabilities, technology & advanced functionality
  • Increase traffic and sales from SHOP@HOME Tier 1 marketing and NissanUSA customers who want to buy online
  • Offer more to online buyers than third parties like Carvana and Vroom
  • Improve customer loyalty, retention and profit by condensing the buying cycle and enabling your team to sell more cars

Customer Benefits

Nissan BUY@HOME will allow consumers to:

  • Buy a vehicle fully online, with a fast, friction less experience
  • Receive a fully guaranteed trade offer and review lease and financing options in real time
  • Save their work & seamlessly transition the purchase from online to in-store at any point in the process
  • Sign paperwork online and schedule their vehicle to be delivered to their door or pick up in-store
  • Easy to use, navigate at their pace and save time