is the premier digital marketing solution and partner for today’s top dealerships and dealer groups. From digital advertising that automatically connects inventory to likely buyers, to best-in-class websites, digital retailing, SEO and content solutions.

Our Websites deliver a modern, interactive, and personalized virtual showroom experience for automotive shoppers, through state-of-the-art design, award-winning tools that turn browsing activities into buying behaviors, and all-new site architecture that ensures speed, security and flexibility. This unrivaled combination transcends traditional website limitations, allowing dealers to optimize key aspects of their digital strategy.

We deliver the integrated products you need to win more deals in an automotive retail environment. And it’s all backed by Cox Automotive and supported by a complete team of experts aligned to drive your unique strategy. Compliance Management

With Website Compliance, a dedicated Compliance Coordinator will work to help bridge the gap between your OEM’s brand message and your dealership’s website. Aligning your brand messaging with your OEM’s helps foster consistency and improves the way your digital showroom resonates with shoppers.

Service Includes:

• Monthly proactive submission to OEM compliance department.

• Thorough review and report of compliance approvals/disapprovals.

Your Compliance Coordinator Will:

• Update non-compliant content in Dealer Editable Areas.

• Revert custom inventory photos to stock photos if trim is inconsistent.

• Update Widgets and Internal Preferences to meet OEM compliance standards.

• Remove non-compliant slides/specials/videos/graphics (if permitted).

• Update website copy and design elements controlled by

• Work with internal teams to ensure products meet OEM compliance guidelines.

Investing in Our Clients

• New Leadership:’s best veteran innovators join forces with Cox Automotive’s agile leaders.

• Data-backed Platform Upgrades: Doubling down on product innovations while speeding up platform modernization.

• Proven Client Service Investment: Trained Performance Managers accountable to dealer success.

Integrating Unparalleled Access to Consumer Data and a Platform Built for eCommerce

Cox Automotive data touches 3 out of 4 automotive consumers. We aggregate this business intelligence to help dealers sell cars and service customers:

• Segmentation of Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book in-market audiences.

• Enhanced consumer visibility through VinLens.

• Exclusive advertising business intelligence from vAuto.

• Service marketing optimization and proficiency with Xtime.

Tailoring Client Experience to Achieve Unique, Specific Definitions of Success

Performance Management – a proven service philosophy across Cox Automotive – time-tested across VinSolutions and vAuto.

• Set measurable, attainable goals.

• Bring management into more client interactions.

• Increase digital marketing and automotive industry learning.

• Shift hiring philosophy to focus on key areas of expertise.

Cox Automotive Digital Retailing

Cox Automotive Digital Retailing delivers the ultimate virtual showroom experience, creating an uninterrupted and transparent path to purchase. Available across websites, Autotrader, and Kelley Blue Book, Digital Retailing gives your prospective buyers a seamless online shopping process and powerful transaction model regardless of their digital journey.

Real Monthly Payments

Incentive and rebate data, personalized shopper selections for conditional programs (e.g., military & loyalty cash). Taxes and fees adjusted based on zip code.

Accurate Trade-In Values

Reduce friction of in-store trade-in value negotiations through Kelley Blue Book, the industry’s most trusted resource.

Vehicle Protection

Show F&I products online and give consumers the ability to see how to factor those costs into their monthly payments, so they’ll be more open to adding them in. Search Engine Optimization

The premier SEO service combines automotive expertise with Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and fluency with’s market-leading technology platform. The SEO team consists of continuously trained SEO Strategists, Specialists, and Copywriters, that work to capture relevant traffic and steer it toward your digital showroom.

Experience Optimization

Powered by award-winning data automation that eliminates manual effort, Experience Optimization delivers personalized shopping experiences on your website that drives 12% greater conversion, increases VDP engagement, and delivers the predictive, personalized experience that shoppers expect from modern eCommerce.

Inventory Recommendations Based on Shopper Preferences

Experience Optimization analyzes unique shopper data from previous visits to Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book, some OEM sites, and recent visit to your website. We use this intelligence to display relevant inventory, incentives and specials to shoppers, often on their first visit.

Tailored Specials and Incentives’s dynamic content targeting engine ensures that the most relevant ads, banners, and slideshows from Specials Campaign Manager are automatically displayed adjacent to recommended inventory. Creative is deployed in real-time to the homepage, vehicle listings, as well as promotions and fixed operations pages by default, but these assets can be configured to display to the locations on your website that best match your strategy.

New! Automated Incentives

Makes Personalization Hands-free When recommended inventory is served to a shopper based on their preferences, ads, banners, and coupons featuring the best-available incentive for that make and model are also automatically displayed using data from a dealer’s incentives feed.

Total Connect Advertising now delivers you more intelligent reach, efficient performance, audience targeting and flexibility. With the new TotalConnect Advertising package, you’ll unlock the power of in-market audiences on Facebook, and connect the right inventory to the right advertising channel using market data from vAuto.

Our platform allows you to reach consumers at all stages of their shopper journey to drive more transactions in your dealership.

Channels Include:

Paid Search, Remarking, Display Advertising, Social Advertising (includes Facebook and Instagram placement), Video Advertising (includes YouTube and Facebook).

Audiences Include:

Display Audience Targeting, Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book Audiences for Facebook.

Also Includes:

Compass Strategy Solution, Analytics, vAuto integration for Search and Facebook.