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NOT JUST INNOVATIVE – but the highest converting.

Nissan Exclusive Website Design

Your website is your dealership’s first impression to all the shoppers in your market, so you better make it a good one.  At Dealer eProcess, we create website designs that not only look spectacular, but use data-driven design components that allow us to make the highest converting website platform out there.  Our sites are lightning fast, mobile first, and built to convert.

Nissan dealer website displayed on various device screens

Mega Menus

With DEP’s Mega Menus, website navigation is quick and easy.  Within this complete menu system, customers can find everything from full inventory listings to parts and service coupons.  The customer never has to dig into your site to find the content they’are looking for because our Mega Menus bring it straight to them.  Plus, by incorporating more relevant website content into the menu bar, Google gives your site more authority than ever before.

Nissan Mega Menu screen

Most Functional SRP

With today’s shoppers using their mobile devices to shop for cars, the number of pages a customer views on a website is lower.  This means your customers are less likely to get past the SRP.  Because of this, your SRP has to have as much functionality as possible in order to convert more of your web traffic.  This is why we built our SRP to be the most functional and robust in the industry.

  • All Vehile Photos & Max Photo Size
  • Video Integration
  • Custom Pricing Display
  • Lease/Purchase Payments
  • Pricing Calculations with Disclaimers
  • Monthly Payments
  • Custom Call-to-Action Buttons
  • Price Drop Alerts
  • One Minute ePrice
  • Price Unlock
  • Detailed Vehicle Info & comments
  • Side-by-Side Comparison
  • Window Stickers & Brochures
  • 3rd Party Integrations

Nissan website SRP list view

Most Advanced VDP

For the customer that wants to take a closer look at a vehicle on your site, we’ve developed the industry’s most complete Vehicle Details Page (VDP).  A shopper on the VDP is looking for information beyond the basic “VIN details’ of that car.

  • 4k Photos with Hot Spots & Hyper Zoom
  • Vehicle Inventory Videos
  • 360° Interior & Exterior Views
  • Vehicle Details & Installed Options
  • Unlimited Customization Pricing Fields
  • Automated Incentives, rebates, & Specials
  • Lease/Purchase Payments
  • Trade-In Evaluation
  • Price Drop Alerts & One-Minute ePrice
  • Price Unlock
  • Owner’s Manuals
  • Window Stickers & Brochures
  • NHTSA Safety Crash-Test Ratings
  • Green Score Ratings
  • Vehicle Awards & Accolades

Nissan vehicle displayed with VDPxL magnification on wheel

Website Personalization

Website personalization is commonplace for all major ecommerce sites out there, so it needs to be a part of your dealers’s website.  Customer these days want your site to bring them the content they’re looking for, not the other way around.

DEP’s Personalization Engine gives you customers the ‘Amazon-Experience” by bringing the most relevant content to every shopper whenever they visit your site.

Search – The Smart Search bar prompts each customer to continue researching the vehicles they’ve shown the most interest in.

Banners – Each customer sees banners custom-tailored to their needs and interests.

Model Scroller – Your website model scroller gives the customer one-click access to the models they’ve viewed on your site.

Service – If the visitor recently bought from you, homepage content can switch to focus on service offerings.

Custom Videos – Your homepage becomes a video gallery of all the vehicles the customer has viewed, giving them quick access to those vehicles.

Chat – The chat box will show info and prompts regarding specific vehicles the customer has shown interest in.

illustrated graphic depicting personalized website content

The Industry’s Most Robust Dashboard

InSites1 – All of your stats.  All in one place.  The InSites1 Dashboard compiles data from Google Analytics, as well as directly from your website so that you can easily analyze leads, visitors, page views, paid search, vehicle sales, gross profit, and much more.  Break down your data month-by-month or analyze year-over-year.


With our logic-based platform, offers are placed in front of customers to give them that final push into your showroom.  Based on data, such as customer location or number of website visits, a targeted offer is automatically offered to them.  Customer fill out the personalized offer and the dealer receives a high-quality lead directly to their CRM.

DriveCentive offer shown on laptop screen

Advanced SEO

Keyword Ranking Report – Improving your on-site optimization starts by creating relevant and consistent content.  You then need to monitor the performance and impact that content has within search engine results.  Identifying that impact starts by tracking your rankings for specific target keywords.  Our Keyword Ranking Report includes metrics such as your average position, position fluctuation and top keywords across all major search engines, all locations and all devices.

Local Listings Management – There are hundreds of online directories and consistency across all of them is necessary to build authority with search engines which ultimately leads to better rankings.  However, monitoring and managing all directories to ensure business information (such as name, phone, address, etc. to describe the business) remain consistent and accurate can be difficult and time consuming. Local Listing Management powered by Dealer Watch from Dealer eProcess keeps your online business listings up-to-date and available wherever and however your customers are searching for you.

Reputation Management – Search Engines are taking into account the amount of quality, positive reviews your dealership accumulates. Maintaining your online reputation is necessary not only from the SEO perspective but can significantly impact your revenue stream. Our Reputation Management platform powered by Dealer Watch allows dealers to seamlessly monitor online reviews and social media mentions to ensure a positive brand identity is represented.

SARA – The Industry’s Best Digital Retailing Tool

SARA, or Smart Automotive Retail Assistant, is the industry’s only digital retailing tool that offers real-time customer pre-screens directly from TransUnion’s API (via eCredit App), and a fully integrated trade-in tool (eAuto Appraise) that can give valuations from NADA Guides or KBB. The combination of this technology allows a consumer to get an accurate payment on the car they’re interested in, a true equity calculation of their current vehicle based on their trade-in value and payoff amount (which DEP gets straight from TransUnion), and allows them to instantly apply any applicable offers/rebates…all in less than 60 seconds!

SARA finance offer for Nissan vehicle


Generating high quality, tiered credit leads has never been easier than with the eCreditApp.  The eCreditApp plugs into any dealer’s website and features a quick 3-step process.  It does not require customers to enter their Social Security # or DOB, resulting in max conversion opportunity.  Dealers can choose to pre-screen customers in real-time resulting in soft-pull data being delivered to the CRM of their choice.

eCreditApp displays offer for Nissan vehicle


The eAutoAppraise trade-in tool is consistently the top converting lead form on our dealers’ sites, and it’s easy to see why.  By utilizing the power of KBB or NADA Guides, you can give consumers an exact valuation for their vehicle in a matter of seconds!

eAutoAppraise for Nissan vehicle

Chat Unlimited

Don’t limit yourself or your business. With Chat Unlimited, you get unlimited chats and texts for one low price! Plus, with Chat Unlimited’s response and control features, you never have to worry about missing a sale opportunity or customer interaction.  Not only does Chat Unlimited include chats, texts, and Facebook Messenger/Marketplace Chats, but dealers can choose their level of control.

Limited Control – Artificial Intelligence will conduct 100% of the conversation so there’s less work for you, but more customer engagement. Bot responses are programmable, so no need to worry about accuracy.

Shared Control – DEP will manage the conversation 24/7/365 so you never have to worry about missing a sale opportunity or customer interaction. You can monitor the conversation in real-time and we’ll hand over the controls anytime you want to take over.

Full Control – You’ll be 100% in charge of the conversation, but we won’t let you sink. With our all-inclusive dashboard, we’ll make it easy for you to manage each and every chat. Whether it comes from your site, a text message, or FB Messenger, you’ll be able see it all in one place.

Chat dialog displayed on phone screen for Nissan dealer

CARoi: DMS Attribution

We pull in all website and digital marketing data and match it to all DMS sales activity, providing a report that shows dealers what IS, and what IS NOT helping sell cars.

Tying together both online and offline data, 3rd party vendors, and more, we are able to give the exact formula of what produces the best results.

CARoi overview screen shows sales figures grouped by digital marketing provider