Nissan does not ask for – or receive – a blanket indemnification from the dealer. The only Nissan indemnification in the participation agreement is if the Dealer fails to comply with the agreement and as a result NNA has to defend itself as a result of those Dealer actions that were not in compliance with the agreement. The actual wording in the participation agreement is “Nothing herein shall require Dealer to indemnify NNA against claims asserted against NNA by a consumer, governmental entity, or other Nissan dealer arising from the operation of the CarSaver Platform.”

Dealers have complete flexibility and control with the Buy@platform. Dealers choose their price, lenders, mark-up, F&I products and even choose how they want to interact with the customer. The platform gives dealer full visibility of all customer actions in real time which enables Dealer to decide when to reach out to a customer and allows Dealers to incorporate the platform into their own process how they see fit.

Targeted incentives will only be applied to a deal if the customer has successfully obtained the claim code outside of the platform, entered that claim code into the platform, and the code has been verified. College Grad and Military incentives require the same verification from the Dealer as occurs in the showroom today. The key is that the Dealer sees every action the customer takes and the final deal structure is always approved by the Dealer and pushed from the Dealer to customer.

Nissan does not send leads from the eCommerce platform (Dealers capture their own leads) and Tier 1 inventory search is not changing. When customers build a vehicle on Tier 1 & search for matching inventory, defaults to “sort by relevance” at 50 miles from the zip code input by the consumer. All Dealer inventory will show up regardless of eCommerce platform participation. Dealers participating in our eCommerce platform simply have a “Buy Now” link in addition to the Contact Dealer & Get Trade-In Value links available for all Dealers.

More and more customers are demanding and expecting a seamless on-line buying experience from every industry, including Automotive. No OEM has successfully differentiated the customer experience in this manner, and the first to do so will gain new customers across their dealer network. This is not an “or” proposition, rather an “and” proposition to how we market the Brand. Great quality vehicles AND the customer experience the customer demands. It’s a winning combination. See the following relevant article that just published: Cox study signals online opportunity for car dealers (

All state “wet signature” laws are recognized by the platform, therefore in those states with these laws, required documents are obtained by dealerships according to those state laws.”

The Nissan Digital Retailing Solution delivers a complete, end-to-end eCommerce experience that will help Nissan dealers drive traffic when the dealership is closed, generate more qualified leads and increase conversions and close rates. Benefits include entry points at and dealer Tier 3 website, guaranteed trade valuations, fully integrated incentives and the ability for consumers to digitally execute their finance/lease contract online.  During the 180-day pilot, participating Nissan Dealers experienced closing rates of 20%, 2 times higher than organic close rate.

Unlike other digital retailing programs, the Nissan Digital Retailing Solution is an OEM program that offers complete marketing support on Tier 1 and Tier 3 properties as well as within the existing Nissan Account Management platform. Further, the Nissan Digital Retailing Solution is powered by Nissan proprietary web services promoting more accurate pricing/incentive data in a more timely fashion to other products in the market. Plus, our backend enterprise reporting solution features unprecedented transparency and insights into customer behavior with detailed reporting capabilities.

Moreover, the Nissan experience is differentiated by allowing your customers the flexibility to transact 100% online or save their work and seamlessly transition the purchase from online to in-store at any point in the process.

Digital retailing technology is improving at a rapid pace.  Nissan has conducted a comprehensive analysis and developed this specific solution to separate our experience from what is currently available to dealers today. With industry-leading capabilities paired with strong OEM branding, the Nissan Digital Retailing Solution offers unparalleled opportunities to differentiate your dealership from others.

To assist Nissan dealers with transitioning from their existing digital retailing platform, dealers have the option to take advantage of both a waiver of the $1,500 setup fee and discounted subscription fees when enrolling in the eCommerce Bundle: Digital Retailing + Test Drive/Service Valet. 12 Month Contract Required. Discount applicable to dealers who enroll prior to 03/31/2021. More details contained under Pricing/Packages at

Our tool is compatible with most CRMs. Additionally dealers have visibility to consumer shopping behavior, including vehicle(s) selected, trade valuation (where applicable) and any finance/credit app submitted using the backend dealer portal.  Dealers have the ability to connect with customers using the backend portal, or the ability to transfer to the CRM allowing the BDC to continue working the deal.

To enroll the Buy@Home program, go to

  1. Provide Dealer/Contact Information
  2. Select eCommerce Solutions and Package
  3. Read and accept the Terms of the selected package.  (NOTE: there are terms specific to each program. If selecting the eCommerce Bundle package, terms for BOTH programs will need to be accepted)
  4. Sign and type your name; certify you are authorized to sign
  5. Click the Submit button

You will receive a confirmation email from with more information.

Implementation time will vary dealer to dealer. After agreements are executed between the Dealer and Nissan, and our partner provider, it typically takes 2 weeks to finalize integrations and an additional 1-2 weeks for training. Depending on volume, we cannot guarantee a date for onboarding and activation, but the sooner you enroll, the greater likelihood you would be onboarded earlier compared to those who enroll later. Nissan and our provider will limit the number of dealers onboarded each month to ensure a quality experience. Activations will be performed in batches for greatest efficiency.

Yes, both the consumer and the dealer can access the tool on mobile devices. Consumers can begin their purchase experience or complete the entire experience via mobile device.  Dealers have full visibility, by consumer, to partial or full orders submitted.  In both cases, dealers set the time for mobile notifications sent to dealership management.

Vehicles traded in are fully guaranteed*, eliminating risk to the consumer or the dealer. We use multiple trade valuation sources to get to market value with the dealer having choice to retain the vehicle or sell at auction.

If the dealer keeps the trade: The customer receives the value of the appraisal and the vehicle is moved to Dealer inventory at the appraised value.

If the dealer rejects the trade: The customer receives the value of the appraisal.  Provider is notified within 7 days of the sale that the dealer elects to not retain the vehicle and the dealer sells this vehicle at auction.  In the event the value is less than that provided during the trade valuation, the dealer will be made whole based on the appraised value.

*Conditions Apply

Yes, these items along with F&I Standard rate markups are managed within the dealer portal.

The Dealer, not Nissan, sets the price for all vehicles. The eCommerce platform is a 1:1 interaction between a Dealer and a customer, and the Dealer can price vehicles inside the platform however they choose. BAP, which governs advertised prices outside of the eCommerce platform, only establishes a “floor” for the advertised price and Dealer is free to advertise any price above the floor.

Dealers can choose from many different lenders; however, applications are sent to a total of 5 lenders (NMAC plus 4) including their preferred prime and/or sub-prime preferences. This is so the consumer’s credit report is not bombarded with unnecessary inquiries. The Dealer can also choose in the back-end to send applications to other lenders on a customer-by-customer basis.

The Dealer should first verify that the trade was represented accurately by the customer. If it was not, the Dealer has complete control to reject or re-value that trade based on the correct information. If the trade was represented accurately by the customer, the Dealer has no risk, even if they choose to invoke the guarantee. If a Dealer feels the trade was undervalued, Dealer has full control to put more money into the trade if they desire but it would no longer be a guaranteed value.

Nissan’s goal is that Dealers sell more cars through this Brand initiative. Nissan will drive awareness of Buy@Home which we expect will bring new customers to the brand similar to a new product launch. Dealers participating and leveraging Buy@Home will also benefit from this with increased traffic of their own and exposure of their “Buy Now” badge on Tier 1.

Nissan’s eCommerce solution is competitively priced with significantly more capabilities in-market at $1,795 vs. the most expensive alternative which currently costs over $2,000. Nissan’s introductory offer of the first six months at ½ price makes it even more competitive. There are less expensive options in the market, but with significantly less capabilities, not the full end-to-end experience, and not the support of Tier 1 Branding to drive traffic for the Dealer.

Both.  Dealers can manage New, CPO or Used vehicle pricing within the dealer portal.  Additionally, the Nissan tool is integrated with several inventory management platforms including vAuto, MaxDigital and HomeNet.

Nissan is fully committed to supporting every dealer throughout every phase of our program partnership.  If you need information to help you make a decision on your digital retailing solution NOW, please contact our eCommerce Team at  A team member will work with you directly to ensure all questions are answered and you are fully informed on the Nissan Digital Retailing Strategy and Solution offering.  Post enrollment, participating Nissan Dealers will also have access to 24/7 support resources to answer any questions through the duration of their contract.

Currently, this solution is live and in-market at seven pilot dealerships.  We have recorded a full end-to-end purchase that can be viewed at

While dealers are encouraged to utilize the Nissan Digital Retailing Tool, at this time, there is no mandate to participate.

The Nissan eCommerce solution will launch as a brand-differentiating exclusive tool for Nissan dealers.  At this time, there are no plans to extend its use to other brands.

eCommerce allows dealers to expand their physical footprint into rural areas.  By offering a full end-to-end experience, Nissan retailers are in a position to allow rural consumers the ability to select a vehicle, value their trade (where applicable), apply for financing, execute their contract (where applicable) and schedule delivery.

Yes, our tool can push and pull to DMS providers CDK and Reynolds & Reynolds.

This Digital Retailing solution can be used in store by the Sales Consultant should the dealer choose to adopt into their existing processes.

Further, Nissan dealers will be able to continue leveraging NCAR as an in-store tool used during the sales process.  Integration within NCAR is part of the development plan for future implementation.

The “My Garage” feature allows consumers to save vehicles of interest to return to later. As these vehicles are sold, the tool identifies these as no longer available for the consumer.

To ensure each consumer receives the most accurate pricing possible including core and external incentives, the consumer is required to provide their name, address, email and phone number during Account Creation.

In order for Nissan to be able to offer these services at the lowest possible price, Service@Home and Drive@Home cannot be unbundled. Dealers may choose to activate only one of the services, but the price will remain the same.

Customer preferences have evolved towards brands that offer convenient and personalized services. These changing customer expectations create significant opportunity for Nissan dealers to gain share and grow their business.

Nissan North America, powered by Doppler, is offering a turnkey and seamless solution for booking, managing and executing delivered test drives, and service valet to customers.

Yes, currently a prelaunch campaign is being executed with Nissan dealers.

Yes, research shows that today’s consumers expect sales and services experiences to be on-demand, tech-enabled, convenient and safe.

After a thorough and competitive evaluation process, NNA has chosen to partner with Doppler for ‘at-home’ sales and service experiences. The Doppler Platform combines a proprietary reservation and dispatch system with a national network of delivery agents to provide a scalable and efficient system for delivered services.

Generally, the process takes just four weeks.

Yes, the Doppler Platform supports utilizing your staff.

Doppler has an extensive network of trained automotive staff that are available to support at-home test drives and service pick-up and drop-off.

  • Fully vetted (driver and background checked)
  • Onboarded & trained via Doppler University
  • Taxes and Benefits paid by Doppler (23% of the cost of our employees)
  • Understand and are proficient with the Doppler platform

When utilizing your dealership staff, the services are insured by the dealership. If you utilize Doppler staff, you may provide insurance of Doppler can provide at an additional fee of $25/day.

The dealership will handle customer support via your chosen email and phone lines.

The Doppler team will work with your website provider to integrate the reservation system into your home page, search results and vehicle display pages. Customers just click the graphic and they can book an appointment at the day, time and location of their choice. The Doppler Platform will manage customer notifications, dispatch to appropriate staff, agent tracking, customer surveys and data transfer.

Doppler will provide your dealership with a marketing guide and assets to use at your discretion. It is up to the individual dealership to promote the offer.

Nissan personnel are not involved in any way in selling vehicles to customers. A Dealer can choose to leverage and pay for an outside company staffing solution for Test Drives or for Service Valet, and this person would be working on behalf of the Dealer directly.

Nissan personnel are not involved in any way in selling vehicles to customers. A Dealer can choose to leverage and pay for an outside company staffing solution for Test Drives or for Service Valet, and this person would be working on behalf of the Dealer directly.

The Doppler Platform supports dispatching appointments to your dealership staff or leveraging the Doppler agent network.

The geography served is at the discretion of the dealer and you will provide zip codes to define your service area.

Yes, all leads that come through Doppler test drive reservations are transferred directly into your CRM.

Doppler Specialist-led experience, providing at-home vehicle demonstrations and test drives executed by highly trained staff, designed to create a relationship with product and brand, and accelerate sales conversion and retention.

We require a 1-month commitment with a minimum of 3 days per week for staffing. This set-up would renew each month for as long as you want to retain the staff.

If at any point you don’t want to continue with our staff, we require a 14-day schedule change notice.

Doppler will integrate with your service scheduler so that customers or your staff may specify that vehicle pick-up is requested. The Doppler Platform will then generate a pick-up appointment and manage customer notifications, dispatch to appropriate staff, agent tracking, customer surveys and data transfer. Once the service appointment is completed, a drop-off appointment is scheduled for an immediate return to the customer. The Doppler Platform further supports one-way transportation (e.g., only a drop-off appointment) should that be preferable.

The Doppler Platform supports dispatching appointments to your dealership staff or leveraging the Doppler agent network.

Yes, however this is up to each individual dealership.

The use of loaner vehicles is at the discretion of each Dealership. In lieu of a loaner, the Doppler Agent will utilize ride hailing services for one-way transportation.

For the Service@Home program, there are three pricing levels:

  • A Markets (e.g., New York) -$270/day
  • B Markets (e.g., Chicago) -$240/day
  • C Markets (e.g., Salt Lake City) -$220/day

This covers a 9-hour shift including a 1-hour lunch break.

Service@Home is intended for limited customer interactions such as service pickup and return, post-purchase, at-home deliveries, etc.

The benefits of the NDP are to provide Dealers with:

  • Choice between multiple digital solution providers.
  • Direct Data Integrations with Nissan North America ensuring accuracy and timeliness of data.
  • Competitive Pricing from industry leading providers.

Dealers will need to select a provider and submit their Dealer information through the website portal. The provider will reach out within 24 business hours to continue the enrollment process. Dealers can review the website providers on the Dealer Websites Page and are encouraged to contact our Program Support Team with specific provider questions. To select a provider, visit the Enroll Now Page.

New Dealers or Dealers going through a buy/sell will be entered into the queue as soon as a they submit their provider selection through the website portal. New open points and buy sells are prioritized in the website provider’s queue, however new Dealers are encouraged to enroll as soon as possible.

If a Dealer wishes to migrate to a different provider, they will need to visit the website portal to make their provider and package selections. The Dealer is also responsible for canceling the existing provider’s contract.

Dealers will be billed directly by the provider they have chosen and will be required to adhere to the billing terms set up by their chosen provider.

Dealers are strongly encouraged, but not required, to use providers that are part of the Nissan Digital Program. Should a Dealer decide to use a provider that is not included in the program, the Dealer is responsible for managing any websites/services outside of the Nissan Digital Program.

No. As in the past, the Dealer is ultimately responsible for web content and encouraged to submit changes to their sites to Ansira regularly for pre-approval.

Please reach out to our Program Support Team at and (805)418-8888